December 5, 2012

O Pioneers, Willa Cather - December 14, 2012

We'll meet December 14 to discuss O Pioneers by Willa Cather.

Supplemental materials:

  • Text available free via Project Gutenberg
  • Willa Cather Archive - O Pioneers! page
  • The Walt Whitman poem, Pioneers! O Pioneers!, which must surely have been an inspiration for Cather's title.
  • Wikipedia entry for O Pioneers!  Mentions this fabulous quote:  In a 1921 interview for Bookman, Willa Cather said, "I decided not to 'write' at all, - simply to give myself up to the pleasure of recapturing in memory people and places I'd forgotten."
  • Rock band named itself O Pioneers, creating for itself a hipness deficit that is hard to overcome, even with cool black T-shirts with open jack-knife image that you can order here.

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