January 23, 2011

Madame Bovary - January 31, 2011

Madame Bovary
We'll meet January 31, 2011 at Julie's to discuss Madame Bovary.

Supplemental materials:
  • Sparks Notes: Study questions with essay suggestions
  • GradeServer: Essay topics
  • Cummings Study Guides:  Summary, discussion and essay questions
  • About.com: Discussion questions 
  • Barron's Book Notes/Pink Monkey: Discussion and test with answers
  • Wikipedia entry for Madame Bovary
  • Wikipedia entry for Gustave Flaubert
  • Text at Project Gutenberg (Eleanor Marx Aveling's translation)
  • Summary of Nabokov's lecture about Madame Bovary
As always, let me know if you come across any good supplemental materials and I'll add them here.

January 4, 2011

Updated book schedule

We made some switches to our book order. The new order is:

Jan. 31: Madame Bovary
Feb. 28: Little Bee
Mar 28: Brothers Karamazov
Apr 25: The Hunger Games
May 23: A Short History of Nearly Everything:
June 27: Alias Grace
July 25: Their Eyes Were Watching God
Aug 22: The Pillars of the Earth
Sept 26: I'm Not Scared

We swapped the red books and the blue books.

The new order is reflected in the calendar in the right column and in the "What We've Read" list.