September 27, 2010

Book Picking Night: Oct. 25 at Kerry's at 6:00

Start time will be 6:00 for BOOK-PICKING NIGHT, OCT. 25, 2010

We decided a few things tonight:

1) We'll start book-picking night at 6:00.  We are committed to arriving on time and getting right to the business of pitching so that we have plenty of time to pitch and select books. It's important to people to enjoy the pitching/deciding, so we won't rush through that.  If people need to leave before we're done, we won't bring a rushed conclusion to the voting.

2.) We'll have one slot designated for a classic.  No other slots will be designated this year.  Books pitched, but not selected, for the classics slot can be submitted for the general vote.

3.)  We'll keep the voting method the same.  Typically one person can get a book selected by applying all their pennies to a single book, so each person has the power to make sure we select a book of their choice.

4.) Going forward for the season, we'll be committed to arriving on time (6:30) and getting the book discussion started by 6:45 at the latest.

5.) As always:  if you send me the long lists of what you're considering pitching, I'll post info here, so people can investigate your books prior to book-picking night, if they are so inclined.